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by Industrial Theory  |  April 29, 2023

Listen to Episode 34: The Journey to Automation

“Safety was the ultimate seller for me.” – Hear more from Rhein Britz about the purpose of automation in this powerful interview.  
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by Industrial Theory  |  March 27, 2023

Listen to Episode 33: Safety, Training, Tradesmanship

Building safe workplaces requires effective training that is engaging and built in a way that allows them to retain what they’ve learned. The HASC is on a mission to create this kind of industry training.
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by Industrial Theory  |  February 23, 2023

Listen to Episode 32: Asset Owners are Stepping Up to Advance Waterblasting Safety and Technology

“As safety professionals, we live off metrics. But we must remember that those metrics are real people.” Through the work of people like Richard Bass, this message is having an impact.
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by Industrial Theory  |  January 31, 2023

Listen to Episode 31: Talking Terydon Cutting Systems with Mike Taylor, Director of Global Sales at StoneAge

The Jack Track cutting system has transformed cold cutting from an exclusive, highly niche service in industrial cleaning to something that any contractor can perform successfully.

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by Industrial Theory  |  November 23, 2022

Listen to Episode 30 - Sam Smolik’s Journey through 50 Years of Facility Ownership to Author and Speaker

“Each person can work injury free, every day.” – this episode’s guest, Sam Smolik.
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by Industrial Theory  |  October 25, 2022

Listen to Episode 29 - Gearing Up for the WJTA Conference and Expo with Jimmy Peck, GM of MPW Industrial Services

If you aren’t planning on attending the upcoming WJTA Conference & Expo, this episode will make you reconsider.
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